Virtual Tour

Front Foyer

Welcome to our newly designed front foyer! Here our students work on projects and eat lunch. This new design also has clear windows for our secretaries to welcome parents as they come in.

South Entrance

This is our south entrance to the gym. Our Pre-Kindergarten parents and our students coming off the bus in the morning use this way to get into the school. Here, we also have our trophy case to showcase our achievements!

Our Gym

This is our amazing gym. In here, students of all grades have access to an awesome facility for basketball, badminton, and much more!

Foods Lab

Our amazing foods lab. Complete with five full kitchen sets that allow our students to dive into the culinary world!

Grade 3 and 4 Hallway

A look down some of our beautiful hallways. Check out some of the great artwork done by the students!

Learning Commons

Welcome to our beautiful Learning Commons. Our students have access to thousands of books and a beautiful work space where they can create and innovate!