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2021-22 Field Trip Consent Form

Throughout the year your child will have many opportunities to experience activities that are off-site. Some of these activities include; mass at Sacred Heart Church, Division faith activities at either St. Mary’s Church or St. Joseph’s High School, field trips within Red Deer or walking trips to the community areas surrounding our school.

We endeavor to keep you informed when these activities are scheduled and in many cases, we invite you to join your child at these events. We will provide notice of these activities on our school calendar, in our Week at a Glance and through your child’s teacher. Thank you for completing the reverse side of the page and returning it with your child to school as soon as possible.

For any other trips that go outside of the City of Red Deer limits, an additional consent form will be required. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at the office.

Field Trip Consent Form

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