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Basketball Awards!

Hello parents,

Our six basketball teams had the chance to finish their season and some playoff games, however our Junior 2 teams missed their final jamboree and our senior teams CWAJHAA event was cancelled. Once again every team improved and had lots of fun.  This year and due to COVID-19, we will did not get together for a formal awards ceremony. Instead, the awards recipients got a phone call of congratulations from their Coaches or the Athletic director.

Here are our basketball awards for the 2019-2020 season:


Junior Girls 1

Mrs Lychuk and Miss Kulczycki are so proud of our girls team this year. They worked hard and showed perseverance, drive and coachability all season. It was extremely hard to pick 3 award winners as the whole team worked and played well this season. 

Coaches award

Abigail Taylor : Abigail was at every game and practice. She was helpful and kind to coaches and teammates and always had a smile on her face. Abigail would always ask questions and after being told once she could do it no problem ! 

Most improved

Chi Chi Nwaribe: Chi Chi, she was so determined and driven to improve and try her best all season. She asked questions and took suggestions with a smile. Chi Chi is a great team player and worked extremely hard to develop her basketball skills. 


Maddie Gero: Maddie was a rockstar on and off the court. She was very good at helping her teammates on the court and made sure everyone was included. She was a great leader for our team and often brought up the moral from the bench. Maddie is a very talented basketball player and she should be very proud!

Junior Girls 2

Mr. Major and Mrs. Kulczycki had an awesome time coaching these young ladies and they all improved over the course of the year and the future looks bright for girls basketball at Camille.  It was a difficult time picking just one recipient for each award but we decided on these 3 very deserving ladies. 

MVP - Liza Reneva 

Liza was always wanting to improve and was always working on skills that we worked on in practice.  She always had a positive attitude on the court.

Coaches award - Olivia Nennie 

There was never a time where you would see Olivia not focused on the game.  Was always a positive role model for the girls and just loved being out there.

Most improved player - Rayelle Major 

Always a smile on her face and positive message for all the girls , on the bench and in the games.  She was always trying to improve her skills in practice and then bring that to the games as well.

Junior Boys 1

It was a great honour and privilege to coach the Junior Boys 1 basketball team this year.  As Coaches, we really appreciated the hard work and effort all of you brought to the practices and games.  As a result, everyone of you added value to the team!  It was also impressive to watch each of you grow as players throughout the season and to see you find your “groove” on the court.  We loved coaching all of you and remember to practice those shots and layups... you never know when the coaches might see you and challenge you to a game of “Bump”! 

I just would like to add a big thank you for letting me be a part of this team again gentlemen, you absolutely were the best part of my week and getting to watch you all come together as a team and mature as young men was the highlight of my schedule. The respect you showed myself, Janelle and Madame Julienne is not forgotten and it was a true pleasure to coach you fellas again this year. Cannot wait to see you guys again next season and I hope you are all staying positive and showing that same respect at home for your parents during these strange times. Take care and we will see you next year fellas, thank you again. 

MVP - Quinten Bolt “Q”

This young man brought it every practice and every game, played through countless fouls and rough play and adapted into the beast we saw emerge towards the end of the season. Extremely coachable and always was paying attention when myself or Janelle were giving direction. I am so very excited to see Q take the court next season with the senior team and have no doubt he will once again lead our squad to success! Thank you Quinten for an amazing season and stoked to see you next year buddy!

Coaches award - Matthew Hansen/Jax Langevin

Co-winners of this award were our senior floor generals, our point guards. You both made Janelle and my jobs so much easier by being our eyes and ears on the floor. You both are incredible point guards in your own rights. Matty you would map out our press coverage for the last shifts of the games and always made sure the boys were where they needed to be, and my dude Jax! You played through the sore knees that affected me through my playing days and I know how easy it would have been for you to take plays off and not give it your all, but there you were diving for loose balls and hitting the floor (sometimes far too often haha) but your heart and determination were infectious throughout the boys and I am so thankful for you both and your abilities to lead by example. Cannot wait until next season fellas!

Most Improved Player - Richard Malcolm 

Richie. You made me proud and made me smile EVERY single game and practice. You come to put in work and when the ball went into you in the post it was automatic buckets. You have come so far as a basketball player over these past two years and more importantly as a young man. You are an absolute pleasure to coach and a young man of few words, but know this, when you speak every person on the team is listening and respects what you have to say. That is an incredible quality to have at such a young age. Thank you for the past two years and getting to see you come out of your shell Richie, cannot wait to see you next year as we go for another championship together in Senior’s. 

Junior Boys 2

All of the boys on this team improved immensely by the end of our season. It was fun to see them gain confidence in their skills as the season progressed. We look forward to watching them continue to grow as amazing basketball players. We’d also like to extend a thank you to our “junior” senior team mentors, Tristan, Noah and Adam. 

Coaches award

Harrison Grant was always eager to learn, was very focused , showed consistent energy in every game and always showed his teammates and coaches respect. Well done Harry !

Most improved player x2

Calvin Cunningham and Jakob Lafleche showed great effort and truly listened to what the coaching staff was trying to teach them. Both players came in eager to learn a new sport. They learned how to dribble a ball with control and to do a layup while looking at the backboard.



Sr Girls

Most Promising Player- Jett McDonald

Jett joined the senior team this year and showed an incredible amount of athleticism and raw talent.  Throughout the season, she developed her basketball sense and became a dominant force on the team.  She played tough, was the top rebounder and slowly began to realise what a difference maker she could be when she was on the court.  I am excited to see Jett in future years as I know she has the potential to be a strong and commanding basketball player. Thank you Jett for your willingness to step outside of your comfort zone this year and for your growth as a player and person.

Most Improved Player- Lauryn McConnell

This was Lauryn’s second year on the senior team and her continued growth from last year to now was evident from our opening game.  Lauryn began to believe in herself, she gained the confidence to take risks on the court and her understanding of the game grew tremendously.  Lauryn quickly realised this year that she can run like a gazelle and that became a big part of her game. She learnt to play with intensity and toughness (a few too many elbows though)!  Thank you Lauryn for allowing yourself to step out of your shell and for helping to lead the team in a successful season. We will miss you next year and good luck in high school.

Most Valuable Player- Aubrey Labrecque

Grit, toughness, leadership and determination; four words that describe this amazing athlete.  Although Aubrey began her year with surgery and pins from a broken arm, she showed up to every practice and game to help lead her teammates and to ensure she wouldn’t miss anything.  She is one of the toughest players I have had the pleasure of coaching and has developed into a great basketball player.  Her understanding of the game, her work ethic, the hours she spent practicing on her own and her willingness to improve, have helped her to become the player she is today.  She may be small but she has one gear and it is GO. Aubrey, thank you for never quitting, for leading by example and for your continued effort to make yourself the basketball player you are today.  We will miss you next year and good luck in high school.

Sr Boys

Co-MVPS - Nolan Taylor and Everett Julien

The MVPs and captains of the undefeated Senior Boys basketball team. It was impossible to pick one over the other because these two boys do everything you want from your leaders. If not for our season being cut short, I truly believe that this team would have won the first Boys CWAJHAA Basketball banner for Camille since 1999.

Everett is a born leader and what makes him special is that he always holds both himself and his teammates accountable. He would show up to every morning practice and then, COMPETE. When it was game time, he was attacking on both sides of the ball and motivating his teammates to do the same. This team doesn’t go without Everett and I can honestly say that he did everything he could to make this team better. That’s why he is my co-MVP.

Nolan was a true leader by example. He has that “IT” factor that teammates and opponents both recognize. The moment that he steps on the court, you know he’s there because of his skill, poise, and the way that he commands the court. Watching him develop these past two years has truly been amazing to watch. Nolan was always willing to put in that extra work for his own game or to help with teammates. He has matured and grown into a young man that has an amazing future ahead. That’s why he is my co-MVP.


Coaches Award - Carson Mazurkewich

Carson is the type of player that every coach wants to have on their team. He has natural athletic ability that is combined with an incredible work ethic and constant drive to improve. From the very start of this year, I could tell that there was something different with Carson’s attitude towards basketball. He had made it clear that improving and becoming a strong basketball player was his goal. Going to the Collicut, staying after practice to shoot more free throws, asking questions during drills, or helping teammates.. He was doing it all. Carson, you deserve this coaches award and I wish you nothing but success going forward!


In closing, we want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to all our COACHES for their dedication, time, skills, and desire to coach our students to do their best at every game. 


Mr D. Cormier

Athletic director

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