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Please text or call our division hotline 403-588-8155 if your child receives a positive COVID-19 result from Alberta Health Services. To learn more, please see our Division website.

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Parent Teacher Interviews

Our upcoming Parent Teacher Interviews will be held on November 9 & 10 in the evening. We are giving you the opportunity to schedule these interviews either on a Google Meet or via a phone call from your child’s teacher.

Google Meet
This interview is done over the computer and is a video conference, where you meet with the teacher face to face. In order for this to be successful you must have a gmail account. You are able to use your child’s gmail account to log in for this, if they can help you with that.

Phone Call
This interview would occur with your child’s classroom teacher calling you at the specified time. You would have a 10 minute conversation over the telephone.

School Interview Booking Link
The link of booking your child’s interview time is live now. For parents of students in Middle School we encourage you to connect with one of your child’s teachers to allow as many people as possible to access the interview time slots. Please also feel free to connect with your child’s teacher directly if there are no additional interview spaces available. Our specialty teachers, counsellor and AHL teachers
will also be available to meet with as well.

Once you have signed up for an interview time you will receive a confirmation email from the Interview website. This email will have the link to the Google Meet embedded within the email. As always, if you have any questions about how to schedule an interview please give us a call at 403-347-7830 and we can assist you.

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