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Terry Fox/Dawe Run

Tuesday, September 24 our school is participating in the Terry Fox/Dawe Run.  Let's make a difference for cancer research.  Every child is encouraged to bring a TOONIE for TERRY! or you can donate online at

The schedule for these events is as follows: 

Gr 1-1:30 pm, Gr 2-2:00 pm, Gr 3-2:30 pm

Gr 4 (Girls)-10:30 am, Gr 4 (Boys)-10:45 am, Gr 5 (Girls)-11 am, Gr 5 (Boys)-11:15 am

Gr 6 (Girls)-11:30 am, Gr 6 (Boys)-11:45 am, Gr 7 (Girls)-12 pm, Gr 7 (Boys)-12:15 pm

Gr 8 (Girls)-12:30 pm, Gr 8 (Boys)-12:45 pm, Gr 9 (Girls)-1 pm, Gr 9 (Boys)-1:15 pm

Gr 6-8 students will be required to bring a bag lunch as their run will be during their lunch hours.  Gr 9 students will have lunch at school at 11:30 am and can still have access to the cafeteria.




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