Scenario 1: In-school classes

Please text or call our division hotline 403-588-8155 if your child receives a positive COVID-19 result from Alberta Health Services. To learn more, please see our Division website.


Spring Flower Fundraiser

Posted on Apr. 22, 2021

Spring Flower Fundraiser Our school is once again having a Spring Flower Fundraiser.  We are offering two this year.  Parkland Nurseries - Gift Certificate Sale ($25 each) - available at our school…

Spring Picture Days

Posted on Mar. 31, 2021

Spring picture days at Camille are April 21 and 22.  On April 21st, Lifetouch will be offering PreK-Gr 9 individual photos, a class photo, and KK-MW and KAM-TT grad photos.  On April 22nd, Lifetouch…

No School

Posted on Mar. 29, 2021

Our school will be on Easter Break from April 2-9.  Classes will resume on Monday, April 12.  We wish you a safe and blessed Easter!

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