Dress Code

There are some changes to our dress code. Please review this with your child(ren).

School Dress Code

All students at our school, both elementary and middle school, are expected to dress appropriately and in a manner that reflects we are a Catholic school. Failure to comply with dress code regulations will result in the following actions:

  1. The students will be asked to cover up with an appropriate sweater, jeans, etc., or
  2. The student will be asked to change into his or her gym strip, or
  3. The student’s parents will be contacted and the said student must go home and change into clothes that adhere to the school dress code.

Dress Code:

Clothing is to be modest and respectful of a Catholic school. The following guidelines apply:  

  • Clothing should have no midriff showing and clothing & accessories should have no slogans that are deemed inappropriate for a Catholic school. 
  • Caps, hats, and hoods are not allowed in school or at school functions. Caps/hats/hoods should be removed once inside the building. 
  • Shirts or tops should have a modest neckline and the back is not to be exposed. Spaghetti straps are not permitted. 
  • Shorts and skirts, there are no “short shorts” or mini skirts. The majority of the thigh and the full bottom needs to be covered.
  • Students should not have any undergarments visible at any time; top or bottom.
  • Students that do not comply with this dress code will be asked to change or call their parents to bring appropriate clothing.