Handle with Care

Red Deer Catholic Regional Schools ensures that schools are welcoming, respectful, safe, and caring Catholic environments that promote the well-being of students and staff.

All schools in the Division use the Handle with Care Behaviour Management System® to maintain safe and caring environments. For more information on school and classroom management, please see Administrative Procedure #310 School and Classroom Management.

School staff are trained to use the Handle with Care Behaviour Management System® to intervene using the least restrictive methods to minimize injuries to individuals in school communities through prompt, skilful and appropriate intervention.

The Handle with Care Behaviour Management System® is used as an intervention method to de-escalate situations when students are struggling with self-regulation and may be escalating to a place where they require staff to intervene verbally and or physically. Please note that once a student escalates to a level where physical intervention is necessary, school administrators will inform parents/guardians.

There is no dignity in allowing students to injure themselves or others, or destroy property. Physical intervention is appropriate when it is the least restrictive method of intervention to maintain safety. Staff will intervene when a pupil is a risk to injure themselves, staff or others. 

The Handle With Care Behaviour Management System® begins with staff members neutralizing students’ behaviour through verbal intervention. These actions most often prevent the need for the use of physical intervention.

When the use of physical intervention is necessary, school staff trained in Handle with Care Behaviour Management System® will utilize the least restrictive method of physical intervention/restraint necessary to maintain safety.

The goal is to create a physically and psychologically safe environment for staff and students. For more information, please refer to Administrative Procedures #103 Safe and Caring Learning Environments for Students and #362 Student Conduct

If you have any questions, please call your school principal.