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  • Mrs. Dorice de Champlain, Principal
  • Mrs. Nicole Zimmerman, Vice-Principal
  • Mr. Glenn MacLeod, Vice-Principal
  • Mrs. Erika Pottage, Vice-Principal starting in September 2017!

Administrative Assistants

  • Mme Hélène Froehler, Reception
  • Mme Laurette Carson, Business Manager
  • Mme Brigitte Bouchard, Student Records

Elementary Teachers

Middle School Teachers

  • Mme Evelyn Lèger
  • Mme Caroline Ayotte
  • M. Rhooby Hyppolite
  • Mrs Vanessa Letourneau
  • M. Dan Cormier, Athletic Director/Phys Ed
  • M. Wilfred Kepseu
  • Mme Carrie Sawula
  • Mme Kim Mantle
  • Mrs. Shari Sullivan
  • M. Martin Rhéaume
  • Mr. Michael Mann, Band


  • Mme Pierrette Wilson
  • Mme Louise Vezina-Ireland

Educational Assistants

  • Mrs. Marlena Franson, Educ Asst.
  • Mrs. Rose Dore, Educ Asst.
  • Mrs. Mary Ellen Foster, Educ Asst.
  • Mr. Tim Gallant, Educ Asst.
  • Mrs. Yana Pashkova, Educ Asst.
  • Mrs. Louise Vézina-Ireland, Educ Asst.
  • Mme Hélène Marquis, Educ Asst.
  • Mrs. Roxanne Rutherford, Educ Asst.

Maintenance and Cafeteria

  • Mr. Pat Menendez, Maintenance
  • Mrs. Christy Marchuk, Cafeteria
  • Ms. Susan Scott, Cafeteria
  • Mrs. Cindy Steppler, Cafeteria
  • Mrs. Teresa Tandy-Gosling, Cafeteria
  • Mrs. Jennifer Gladney, Cafeteria
  • Mrs. Heidi Pratt, Cafeteria